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Dec 22, 2020

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(Repost from 2006) iPhone: Something is brewing

I wrote this blog in 2006, almost 15years back. I am following 2 companies very closely from last 2 decades, Apple and Microsoft. Both played innovator role as well as big player in almost all the digital age. But Apple lost the personal computing era after initially kick starting. Colorful PCs (iMac) with innovative as well as user friendly design put Apple back into the consumer computing world. Rest is history.

Today, there is a news about Apple car. I will put my views on that later this week. This is about going back to my post on Blogger on iPhone.


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iPhone: Something is brewing

Apple, an icon for 2 digital age, is again brewing somthing in ots backyard. Seems like its really in backyard, in the silicon farms of Tiawan.

iLounge published the unconfirmed report but seems reliable,

“Apple is working on “an iPod with phone functions” and could use Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Hon Hai Precision to build the device, says Johnny Chan, a J.P. Morgan analyst…. ……………ho declined to be identified said Taiwan Green Point Enterprises, which makes plastic cases for the iPod, is in talks with Apple for a role in the phone…”


The market is full of rumor about iPhone. Although the domain of iPhone.com is not owned by Apple, but iPhone.org is.

This is the screen shot from Register.com.

(the screen shot is copyrighted material of Register.com)

Interesting fact: It’s not that iPhone.org is owned by Apple, but Apple registered this domain in 1999. Seems they had a plan from late ‘90s.

Should I say, Thought Leadership. But why didnt they buy iPhone.com. OK, was not available at that time. But current owner bought just now. Am I missing something in thought leadership.

Question, when did Apple Launch iPod?

hmm.. October 2001.


And When did Apple registered the iPod.com domain?

Interestingly in October ’98. (Date from Register.com)

2001 was really a watershed year in Apple history.. Check this link,


bye for now…


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