Jugaad and Agile

Avneesh Balyan
2 min readSep 13, 2020


Nice read on Jugaad and Agile:


My views:
Agile with “Jugaad”
I used to be a fan of Jugaad concepts, but ended up (opposite end of spectrum) critique. The reason was, the concept was used by corporations as well as SME domain for cost cutting and throttling the innovation. The reason they become successful in doing this, too much focus on cheap labor.
Hopefully, the concept of using the technology what we have (basic foundation of ITIL v4) to start the project, work iteratively with improvement in cycle with core focus on achieving the targets (again, core philosophy of ITIL v4) and get the product whats the need of hour.
There is core similarity of JUGAAD mind set and Agile as well as modern dev-ops. Hopefully, world will take Jugaad what it was. #technology #data #Jugaad #agile #innovativemindset

Little history of Jugaad:
Little history of Jugaad: With explosive growth in ’90s (and before that, controlled production of commercial vehicles in India), local mechanics started using small diesel engines or totalled vehicles engines/front body and attaching that with locally available carts. Haryana roads were full of these vehicles (before that there used to be 3 wheel tempo, which was called Jugaad as people were using that for people movement instead of freight), This thread has some good examples of Jugaads :)

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