Edge Computing: Complexity in Architectural Decisions

Data Centers and Public Cloud dominated last 2 decades of IT/Software technology evolution and deployments. Next decade will be moving towards ubiquitous “Cloud” with ‘Edge Computing”.
The “Omni present” Edge Computing domain will evolve with its own inertia & contours, and will become the key agent of the Digital Transformation across all the industries.
Along with Iyengar Ashok, I co-authored the blog on the challenges and decision points every architect will face while designing and implementing Edge domain/ecosystem.
Thanks Iyengar Ashok, IBM and Kyndryl for providing an opportunity for publishing.
More to come in future.
#computing #technology #virtualization #digitaltransformation #edge #cloud #devops #Networking #EdgeComputing #IBM #Kyndryl #architect #Secuirty




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