Great write up. I am not fan of Churchill but respect him for lot of things on which he came out right. But his single minded (extreme conservativism) view point of saving few great to save others at later time is disaster. We can support of oppose him, but the modern conservative thought process is win for Churchill (including India). I am not fan and avoid reading anything Tharor. That discussion for some other day :)

On the other hand, these points are immaterial wrt your writing. You put together your thought process and view point strongly with great linguistic skill. Looking forward for more content from you. Cheers bud.

Edge Computing Architectural Decision Points

Data Centers and Public Cloud dominated last 2 decades of IT/Software technology evolution and deployments. Next decade will be moving towards ubiquitous “Cloud” with ‘Edge Computing”.
The “Omni present” Edge Computing domain will evolve with its own inertia & contours, and will become the key agent of the Digital Transformation across all the industries.
Along with Iyengar Ashok, I co-authored the blog on the challenges and decision points every architect will face while designing and implementing Edge domain/ecosystem.
Thanks Iyengar Ashok, IBM and Kyndryl for providing an opportunity for publishing.
More to come in future.
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Someone asked me the difference between AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) in few lines. My response was:

AI: Predict with “Known Predictability methods/algorithms” used on huge data set where humans are inefficient to find the “Information”

ML: Determine whether there is any “Information” and the “Predictability methods” to find that information from the huge data set. After that, it’s all AI.

(Part-III): Mobility World and the fight for the Future

With 5G is about to become a dominant (or atleast main emerging mobile standard), Cloud availability as well as adaptability becomes the norm. Artificial Intelligent (AI)/Machine learning(ML) have become a part of software deployment ecosystem and machine-to-machine communication including IoT…

(Part-II): Fairchildren Fiefdom and rise of Silicon Valley

By the early 2000s, it was becoming clear that the connected Mobile world will rule the future. Some of the researchers, scientists and companies were talking about distributed/grid computing from the early years of computing. But the lag of “always”, “affordable”…

Part- I

The move of Shockley to the west coast and split of “Traitorous eight” with Shockley Semiconductor didn’t just impact the single or few companies, but changed the landscape of industry. Fairchild started by “Traitorous eight” and its spin off led to the next generation of silicon revolution…

Avneesh Balyan

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